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         “It was not always an easy journey taking care of our daughter who had severe cerebral palsy.

Though there were some good days, there were lots of challenges especially when providing for food, incontinence care and therapy for her.

It was not just in Kenya that we noted the challenges, we realised even in the USA some families with disabled family members do get similar challenges especially if they don’t qualify for insurance, the insurance doesn’t adequately cater for the needs or other related causes.

Our daughter (Joy) was able to beat the challenges until November 2014 when she went to heaven.

To take care of Joy one needed patience, boldness and love and when I started working with the disabled community in USA I noted that it’s not my daughter alone who needed someone with such a great heart but every guardian /parent/caregiver taking care of disabled person had to have it.

Imagine carrying a 14, 17 year old etc year old teenage boy or girl on your laps like a 3 months old baby for the rest of their life?. Imagine changing their diapers, feeding them like babies, repositioning them day and night?one needs a heart of a WARRIOR, a heart that never gives up, a heart that is bold, a heart that can never be beaten.

There is some joy that comes along when one sees the great progress of these loving people, the joy that comes when they smile back when one is feeling overwhelmed and thus the JOY IN A WARRIOR.

As you take part in helping this initiative remember you’re supporting these warriors and their families who are disabled and need help in food, incontinence care, therapy, respite care and other stuff.

Sabina Wahome.
President: Joy the Warrior Foundation.

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